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For NOREVA, the sale of branded formulations in India is an integral part of business operations, which contributed little over 35% to the company’s sales income for FY 2013. India is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical markets in the world, it is a major growth driver for the company.

Company’s clear focus on specialty segments of Neorology, Diabetes,Neuro-psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, and Cardiovascular, Gynaecology has enabled it to continue to grow at much higher rates over industry average growth rate of the Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM) for last 5 years. Our competency in identifying unmet medical needs and then being first-to-market many products has been our foundation for success throughout these years and will continue to be so in the coming years.

Allopathic Medicine

Allopathic MedicineView More
Antibiotic Tablets

Antibiotic TabletsView More
Anti Diabetic Medicine

Anti Diabetic MedicineView More
Anti Hypertension Medicine

Anti Hypertension MedicineView More
Cardiac Medicine

Cardiac MedicineView More
Chewable Tablet

Chewable TabletView More
Pharmaceutical Medicine

Pharmaceutical MedicineView More
Multivitamin Medicine

Multivitamin MedicineView More
Nutraceutical Medicine

Nutraceutical MedicineView More
Ophthalmic Medicine

Ophthalmic MedicineView More
Vitamins Minerals Supplements

Vitamins Minerals SupplementsView More
Antihypertension Medicine

Antihypertension MedicineView More
Anti Allergic Medicine

Anti Allergic MedicineView More
Multivitamin Syrup

Multivitamin SyrupView More
Anti Inflammatory Medicine

Anti Inflammatory MedicineView More
Antipsychotics Medicine

Antipsychotics MedicineView More
Antiulcer Medicine

Antiulcer MedicineView More
Immunity Booster Medicine

Immunity Booster MedicineView More
Immunity Booster Products

Immunity Booster ProductsView More
L- Arginine Sachet

L- Arginine SachetView More
Immunity Booster

Immunity BoosterView More
Antidepressant Tablet

Antidepressant TabletView More
12g Capsule

12g CapsuleView More
4g Capsule

4g CapsuleView More
Curcumin Syrup

Curcumin SyrupView More
Curcumin Capsule

Curcumin CapsuleView More
9g Capsule

9g CapsuleView More
Co-Q 10 Softgel Capsule

Co-Q 10 Softgel CapsuleView More
Anxiolytic Tablet

Anxiolytic TabletView More
Curcumin Tablet

Curcumin TabletView More
L Lysin Syrup

L Lysin SyrupView More
Antioxidant Medicine

Antioxidant MedicineView More
Dietary Supplement

Dietary SupplementView More
Third Party Pharma Company

Third Party Pharma CompanyView More
Gynae Medicine

Gynae MedicineView More
Ayurvedic Third Party Manufacturing

Ayurvedic Third Party ManufacturingView More
Nutraceutical Product

Nutraceutical ProductView More
Antidepressant Medicine

Antidepressant MedicineView More
Nutraceutical Third Party Manufacturing

Nutraceutical Third Party ManufacturingView More
Protein Powder

Protein PowderView More
Softgel Capsule

Softgel CapsuleView More
Effervescent Tablet

Effervescent TabletView More
Gynae Products

Gynae ProductsView More
5g Capsule

5g CapsuleView More
Analgesic Medicine

Analgesic MedicineView More
Pharma Company

Pharma CompanyView More
Antispasmodic Tablet

Antispasmodic TabletView More
PCD Pharma

PCD PharmaView More
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